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The trip of UK

来源:东莞景鸿留学 发布时间:2014-05-30 14:47:33

I went to the UK during my summer holiday. I learned many things about England. English people are very gentle and polite. They like to use some polite words, and they always say “thank you”, “excuse me” and “please” to the others. “Thank you” is a very usual word for English people, and I think we should learn it form them(“thank you”, “excuse me” and “please”代表的是感谢与尊重,而”like to use”,” always say”代表的是一种习惯,一个良好的习惯不仅能改变一个人,甚至会改变一个民族).

People in England are not allowed to be a gaberlunzie. And they are not allowed to make a living without doing anything, too. So, in England, you can see some people painting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument or showing something to the others in a busy street or an underground station. I think it’s very good. And I think people should make a living by themselves, instead of sitting on the ground and wait for the others to give some money to them, we should respect the people who are making living by themselves, although the song or the show is not good(能成为一个对社会有用的人,首先要拥有一个正确地价值观,那么T-D轩同学,我想此刻你已经拥有了).

And English are willing to help the others. They are very civilized. And when they take the escalator, they always stand on the right side, and the left side is for the people who are in a hurry or emergency. I think we should learn about it, and it will make us more and more civilized. English people will take the litter to the trash bin when they finish eating McDonald’s or KFC. So the restaurant is always clean, they have fewer cleaner than that in China. Above all, I think English are very civilized. We should learn about it, let’s be a civilized student(有时我们方便他人,也是方便自己,而你能从我做起,学习别人所长,这不得不说是一种莫大的收获)